About our Products

What is the difference between your product and other body oils?

Traditional Body Oils are used as a substitute for Body Lotions. They
are usually made mixing only a few oils together and have a high
percentage of Sunflower Oil or other 'Wet Oils'. Our In-Shower Body Oil
Serum is a a fast absorbing oil serum, based on an exclusive semi-dry oil formula that complements the moisturizing properties of body
lotions. It can also be used as a substitute for lotions to achieve a
more lightweight feel and it has over 20 natural high-performing
botanical ingredients.

Is your product 100% natural?

Our product does not have anything that is not 100% natural. No fillers,
colors, preservatives, only the purest botanical and natural ingredients.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

How do you support sustainability and fair trade?

We donate 5% of our revenue to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest.
We select NGO's committed to this mission based on their achievements, program structures, and accountability. We ensure that all our ingredients are fair-trade and sustainably sourced and produce in small batches only.